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Welcome to the Center's Online Pharmacy

We offer natural medicines from our dispensary over the internet as a convenience to our patients.  Prices are set below the manufacturers' suggested retail prices.

Contact us for a free 15 minute consultation regarding our products or services. 

If you are not a patient you can still order most products from our site, but we would like to consult with you first.  We offer personalized prevention plans and will advise you about what products would be best for you.

For maximum security, our order form is located on a secure server using SSL. All order and payment information is encrypted and safe.

We ship only within the continental U.S.


Why should you order from us?

Everyone seems to be concerned about safety and quality issues these days. You want pharmaceutical grade medicines that have passed the "clinical effectiveness test".

We both have doctorate degrees in naturopathic medicine. In addition to clinical training in western medicine we are experts in clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, and have vast knowledge of the nutritional supplement industry.

We enjoy providing safe, clinically effective medicines to our patients. Naturopathic medicine is a science-based form of complementary or alternative medicine. "Science based" means that the treatments we use have either been "proven" to work through clinical human trials, have strong test tube evidence or some combination of long term historical use scientific support.


Medicines and Supplements

We offer medicines and nutritional supplements from top notch companies such as Thorne, Tyler, Vital Nutrients, Phytopharmica, and NF Formulations

The products we have selected are a good combination of quality and affordability; they have passed the "clinical effectiveness" test.


How is quality determined?

  1. Raw materials should be the fresh and pure.
  2. Unnecessary additives such as fillers, flowing agents (magnesium stearate, ascorbyl palmitate, stearic acid), binders, coloring agents, and glazes, and should be kept to a minimum (glazes can contain corn protein, a common allergen).
  3. Ensuring only hypoallergenic ingredients are used
  4. Using standardized botanical extracts or tinctures that have been tested for purity

In the world of supplements and herbs, you get what you pay for. This is because it is up the manufacturer, not the FDA, to ensure these products are safe and effective. Products that are very inexpensive (Ginkgo capsules two for $5.99!) usually contain more fillers, are not as fresh, and may even contain unhealthy substances (heavy metals, pesticides, and prescription drugs). 



The Center for Naturopathic Medicine is concerned for your privacy. Please read our privacy policy on your way to our secure order form.

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